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"This poem was written by my lovely Dad, who started his Dialysis treatment in 1981 at Sefton General Hospital. He also dialysed at the Halewood Unit at the Royal Liverpool Hospital before home dialysis supported by my late Mum and then at the Satellite Unit at Warrington Hospital.

My dad had huge affection for the Team caring for him and wrote this short poem which was published by the Kidney Patient Association. He presented a copy of the poem to his beloved consultant “Doctor A”.

Sadly, my dad died in 1990 but the poem is a lasting memory and tribute to his sense of humour, courage, and resilience and the amazing staff who cared for him." ~ Alison 

The Kidney Patient’s Lament


There’s a special ward at Sefton, which is known as A.K.U.

There’s a sister there called Beryl with a frown.

It’s a ward for those with kidneys they wish they could renew.

And where Doctor “A” forever gazes down.


Lal and Sinha, they are doctors who support this rotten game.

They qualified, no doubt with cap and gown.

Their manners are so charming but the torture’s just the same.

And Doctor “A” forever gazes down.


Nurses Peter, June, and Dot, and others- such a lot:

Push our needles in, while others hold us down.

Then they tell us to lie still, which is much against our will.

And Doctor “A” forever gazes down.


There’s a patient there called Bill with a tattoo that will thrill,

Who suffered in a battle in the town.

There’s a girl we know as Lynn, who would love to have a twin.

And Doctor “A” forever gazes down.


Though bottoms may be sore, we are stuck 5 hours- or more,

To a Gambro Unit, now of world renown.

Then the needles they come out and the patients scream and shout.

And Doctor “A” forever gazes down.


Someday they will release us to treat ourselves at home.

Keep your sprits up- don’t let it get you down.

But remember do not fail or they will send you to the jail

Where Doctor “A” forever gazes down.



Philip Germain

(Circa 1985)

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